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Bleach ch184-12

Still using mouse this one.. Should've crop those words up there.. but I dont have Photoshop here.. lol.

Besides it being a Hirako colouring, your style is awe-awe-awesome. Especially Ichigo's face and the mist effect... But am I seeing false or Ichigo has got Sharingan in his eye?
Hirako is just cool there! *Fanboy scream*

Besides the color of Ichigo's hair, tis awesome.

Holy shit it's .... flawless.
Honestly, one of the best i've seen and i've seen heaps of these

sharingan eyes xDD

Wow very nice the realistic colors look really good excelltn job

That was stunning you've got a stlyle.

A wonderful coloring here, I love the style that you used. It has a very distinct feeling to it and refreshing hint of boldness.

Kudos to you ^_^.

Very nice coloring  
How Hirako is colored truly makes him emit a sense of mystery and power.  Subtle yet beautiful, good job ^^

Off-topic: holy shit that's a nice sig redx O_o

Originally Posted by JH1stGensharingan eyes xDD

Damn beat me to it

I like how you did the wind and the sky, very nice

wow this effect is awesome
just too good
Hey could u teach us how u do that????

cool , sharingan ichigo
now we finally know who the akatsuki leader is !

That really is incredible. I like the way it seems he's coming out of the fog.

And the sharingan was a nice touch.

Originally Posted by Waqas

Still using mouse this one.. Should've crop those words up there.. but I dont have Photoshop here.. lol.i came in here wanting to say how bad it was, but was truly surprise...two thumbs up from me...
Is that a sharingan I see in Ichigo's eye?

I love your coloring style! This looks sweet!

Huhu.. I almost forgot I posted this page here.. I only remember the Arankaru painting.Originally Posted by darklidewow this effect is awesome
just too good
Hey could u teach us how u do that????

Yeah.. basically I can. But doing this kind of coloring using mouse is painful, I tell you.

Adobe Photoshop CS
First of all, you need to resize the canvas to 3-4 times bigger, if you want to add details. Then, duplicate the original inked layer (Kubotite's drawing) and set the layer to multiply. Multiply mode makes the Kubotite's artline visible, while the white area looks transparent.You can delete or fill the lower layer, but leave the multiplied layer untouch. All the coloring is done on the lower layer, if you are not confident enough, add as many layers as you can. I used around 3 layers for this one.  

Brush Setting
I dont remember what brush I used for this one, but mostly I used standard Photoshop CS brushes. However, now I mostly use this kind of setting since I bought a tablet.

(Lucky you I have this setting, but not so lucky since this is the only material I have today. Thanks to

Well, then.. when you're finish touching the white areas, you might need to touch the black Kubotite's inking (like adding highlight to black hair). In this case, those lower layers I mentioned earlier wont work anymore because nothing will appear if you paint under a black multiplied layer.

To solve this, create a new layer above the multiplied layer, and continue your painting work as usual. The painting works requires your own artistic instinct that I cant really make a tutorial to improve them. Infact, Im improving myself from time to time.

But I have a skin tutorial, How I PAint Human Skin.. Maybe it might improve your understanding about skin shading a little bit. Good luck..  



Repaint the hair, and some skin.. plus new purple ambient.

So it is up to some standard again..

Woah that's freaking gorgeous Waqas!!!  
Very awesome!
thats awsome love the colouring
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