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You Actually Believe Sasuke is sleeping???!!!??

Come on get real Kishi, you actually expect us readers to believe that sasuke is actually sleeping in the bed with snakes crawling on him...yea right, Sai jus walked into another Genjutsu, I think....

Whats ur opinions, who actually believe sasuke is jus chillin


Well, Sasuke spoke to Sai so of course he#180;s not sleeping.

maybe he's sleeptalking

I think it's not Sasuke, but Kabuto


Sasuke was most probably thinking not sleeping, besides Sasuke spoke to Sai so he obviously isn't asleep.

He probably just went to lie down becuase he was bored. It's not like he has anything else to do, besides training and learning jutsu. And it's a good way to keep to yourself and avoid idle chatter.

Originally Posted by IviI think it's not Sasuke, but Kabuto


Kishimoto is milking Sasuke's return so much that I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was Kabuto on the bed.

I think you're expecting way too much.

I reckon things should just be simple and the guy on the bed should be him.

Its either a genjutsu or a Kage Bunshin or he has inherited the Orochimaru way, no physical harm can really take him down.

Why exactly wouldn't he be asleep? He's only human.
The snakes wouldn't have done anything to Sasuke, probably, since he noticed them before they caught him.

It is Sasuke..Dude was laying down after training with a Sanin

It doesn't matter if he is lying down in bed,  the fact that Sai got the initial drop on him will be irrelevent by his sheer skill and speed.

Sasuke can probably kill Sai in his sleep so it really doesn't matter.

Don't think he was sleeping, maybe just lying on the bed; thinking of Itachi.

lol, dang he probably could

Translation mistake discovered! Here the real version.
He could be a night owl.

Originally Posted by ZakuzaruTranslation mistake discovered! Here the real version.
his hands, where are them? Sasuke wtf are you doing?!!!! gosh..

^lol good one.............but one thing i dont get is.....where does he keep getting these uchiha stuff!! all these new shirts and now a blanket!! by now they've been dead for....what almost 9 years?! where does he get it! lol
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