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The What would you give to do a flash step thread

Training under 500 times earth normal gravity would about do it....I would give my playstation 3 and my house up to be able to do flash steps

I'd give up my virginity.

But not my Dreamcast, or DS.  Or PS2, or Xbox.  Or my Sonic doll in a cage.  Or my cats.  Or my old Gyarados cards.  

Now that I think about it, there isn't much I'd give up.

I'd give up my Glock 36 as well as every last bit of ammo I've got....flash steps are worth it

I'll give up my calories. Say, perhaps I can't do flash step because I'm too fat?

hahah XD classic

Just 1 flash step? Not much.

hell training under 500 times gravity would give you a whole lot more then just flash step i think i'd give 10 years of my life for that

I would give everything I own, without question or hesitation. Everything that was mine to give...other than body parts or something like that.

Hmmm...I think I'd give anything except body parts (particularly legs/feet -- kind of defeats the purpose of having flash step  ) and my art/artistic ability.  Unless it was something that I really hated that someone else would be willing to grant me flash step for.  Then I'm all for it.

It would be really nice to get to school in two seconds instead of ten minutes...I'm so lazy...

I would give my homeworks... (By the way, WHO are taking the things we give?)
Come on.. Who would want to be able to do flash steps? I'll be able to do it after I die, after all! Wait for me, SS! :

i'd give my ipod. cuz like. i'd be moving to fast to hear it. but like. i'd have to be able to learn how to do shunpo for ever. cuz that'd be sweet like, shunpo-ing around school. walking on the celing to get to class. it'd be soo much easier.

Literally evrything I own, and maybe, 3 years of my life spent training non stop without any enjoyment. Flash step is one of the best super powers there is.

Late for that 7 o'clock 5 credit class with a strict attendance policy? Flash step.

Getting robbed in a dark alley? Flash step.

Cops after you? Flash step.

Your family and girlfriend coming to yell at you for doing nothing but practicing flash step for three years? Flash step.

A LOT. I would make tons of money giving interviews.

Originally Posted by dark_kazeJust 1 flash step? Not much.

yeh what i was thinking but i would give up weeks allowance

I'd give away my shoes. That's right! You all damn know that you damn love my damn shoes.

I would give quot;my left nutquot; as the expression goes.  Probably a kidney as well.

dang, id probably sell, my sister for flash steps jus kidding

Training under 500 times earth normal gravity would about do it....I would give my playstation 3 and my house up to be able to do flash steps

This isn't DBZ ... training under gravity ... lol

I also give up all of my fat reserves

I'd give my soul. Not anyone would have much fun with that rotten thing.

I'd give up all my belongings and flash-step-steal it back
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