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Tousen sigs

I don't normally do more than one sig in one post. Hopefully you guys can forgive me this once. Anyway, I'm eager for comments...
The first one's background is too empty, and the text should be in a different color than black.

The second one looks good, but the stock doesn't matc the pure white around it. Maybe add a little bit of another color around.

no offense but the first one look awful, I can still see the smugin' from tat blind guy, the back ground just looks like a random piece cut out from a computer drawin.   but the second one look better, I like the colours theme of it also.

Ohmy =o. I've never seen that kind of border--shape--for the transparency one. -o-

It's crazy, yo. XD I like it, though the blurrage around the border drags it down. Font stinks too. XDDD

Second sig has an awesome background--Weird reason the background seems too 'distorted' for the image. Plus, colors don't match... ._.; This one has better text though. ^^;

They are both alright, I give them a 7/10.
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