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Theory of information

I'm looking for an appllication of Information Theory applied to processing/broadcasting of an audio signal, but i have no idea.
Do you know any books where i can look for this subject?
Thank you in advance.  

    Here's Shannon's original paper:

The methodology was developed to characterize signals on transmission lines, so I suppose it could be applied to audio signals.

But I'm thinking you have something else in mind. Can you elucidate?  

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    When I wrote last message I did not have any idea.
But, lookinf for on books about audio signal processing i found an a grest part called (entropy coding). Entropy is in of the most important concept in information theory and so, I'm studing what this type of coding reale with.

Thanks for tour suggestions.  

    The bible of InfoTheory is:
Elements of Information Theory by Thomas M. Cover and Joy A. Thomas (2nd ed, Jul 18, 2006)
but I would suggest a wander through wikipedia quot;Information Theoryquot; and its links for a start.

I'm not sure that entropy codes, like Huffman, are used in audio compression but you may find something of interest anyway.  

    You are right.
Huffman code is not used in audio coding.
But, Rice code belongs to that category like Huffman one, is used to obtain FLAC format after a particular use of a linear precition filter.
If you are interested, look at Wikipedia page about FLAC.
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