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Learning Physics on Free Time? How?

Right now I am a senior in high school and am planning on going into engineering once I graduate. I am halfway through grade 12 physics but it's very slow paced and everything we do is very easy. I have learned most of the basic knowledge (basic of the basic really), somewhat more than the average person, but not at all a major part of what encompasses physics.

I have a great love for physics so I want to go out of my way while I have the time and learn more advanced physics. I'm talking about stuff that will lead into the theories of our time, and I know this type of thing takes years but I want to start while I'm young.

Is there anything anyone can suggest I start with reading or watching or anything at all?  



Try these for starters.  

    I'll definitely be going through all the MIT videos on Physics, and the other site looks interesting too. Thanks for the links
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