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Sig/Ava Request.

Ok here is what im looking for...


Spoiler: Spoiler: Spoiler: The First image im looking for to be my Avatar, nothing changed on it excpet being resized to fit forums and having Syn25 written on it (i dont really care about font or color)

The second and third i would like to have be the stocks for the sig.

On the sig i would like it to say: Because you opened my blinded eyes.. i will protect you.  Once again Size/Font/Color are up to the maker to choose.
Doesnt Really matter, ill leave that up to the creator to decide.

Have that image fading then going into a background, if thats too much to do then just a background will work. Something red and black as the background are the colors that i would like, how they are presented is up to the sig maker.

If im missing any info then please PM me or post back on the thread.

Thank You in Advance,

I can guarantee right now if you want those stocks to be used, i wouldnt expect anything spectacular - reason being the quality on them suck.

CANCELLING HERE. Posted request in shop.
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